My First Real Job: Update

Sorry for the short post this month but I have an update to last month’s post. I suppose it’s fine that this one isn’t as long since last month was twice as long as I usually post.

I was at a meeting recently where I ran into one of the custodial workers from the original building I had worked in. He works for a separate company which hired him to do custodial work for the company which owns all the buildings on the campus. So he is still able to move around and listen to what is going on with the company I used to work for.

They apparently had to get rid of about half their workers because they removed a couple departments. They lost all their contracts for dismantling things to be recycled. I didn’t get very many details as to the reasons but I also didn’t need many.

Those departments were in the same situation of having to consolidate which everyone else in the company had to do. With conveyors and elevators constantly breaking down it was difficult for them to ship things out. That left them with limited space to bring things in and they were consistently behind with their work.

There was also a complacency issue which some of the workers who had been there longer seemed to show which quickly caught on with the newer workers. This made them even less able to get caught up quickly and if they did, it wasn’t uncommon for things to be done wrong and parts to be sorted where they weren’t supposed to be.

Another thing which I’m sure is a contributing factor is another company which has been spreading out through the campus over the past few years. The flood which led to me getting my job also destroyed the entire building this other company used to use. It might not have been as bad if they had built up but they built down. The building was only one story high but had a large underground complex. I’ve only been inside it once and that was a guided tour but from what I saw I can understand why they would rather have their machinery and equipment below ground level instead of a couple stories up.

When they moved out after the flood their temporary place to do work was in the building adjacent to where my company had its manager offices. As time went on they announced they would be staying permanently and they kept expanding to take more space. Each year when the bids went out for rental contracts they got another area added to theirs.

I do think it is a bit ridiculous though that they keep expanding. In order to get to the small room which I was in when we moved out of the first building, I had to walk through one of the storage areas for this other company. It seemed incredibly inefficient to me. There were huge spaces in between pallets which were being stored and they made almost no use of vertical space in an area where the ceiling was at least 50 feet high. I will agree that some of the things could not and should not be stacked. But many of them could be easily.

I’m in no way surprised the company I used to be with had to get rid of so many people, and I feel bad for the ones who worked there and actually put the effort in. But that’s the direction things are heading in my area. Minimum wage increases are putting the smaller companies out of business and the bigger companies are moving to where the wages are lower. I consider myself lucky to work for a company whose president took a pay cut to adjust for wage increases instead of having quality cuts or lay-offs.

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