Meet My Pet: Storm

This isn’t actually my cat, though it does look just like her.

This week I’d like to write about my cat, Storm. We got her at our last house so she’s been with us the longest and is at the top of the hierarchy with the animals we currently have. She’s a gray Domestic Short Hair. We thought she was a Russian Blue when we saw her but even though she has the silver tips in her hair, and what I would interpret to be green eyes, we were told she is not.

I don’t remember the exact reason we went to get her but it was around the time of our first wedding anniversary. We always looked at cats when we went to pet stores and we even applied to one once before. We went home after applying and talked about the size of our one room apartment and other factors. Then we called to let them know we would not be able to give the cat the life it deserved.

But then we were renting a three bedroom house with my sister-in-law and her kids. Around the time they moved out was when we went to the Humane Society to look at cats again. I don’t think we were sure going into it that we were definitely going to adopt. I know I wasn’t expecting it. But when we went into the room with Storm in it, she jumped down like she was the welcoming committee coming to show us around the room. We looked around at the other cats in other rooms but decided Storm was the one for us. She had already let us know, but it took a few minutes for us to listen.

Bringing Her Home

We applied and a couple days later were approved. We went to pick her up and obviously she was pretty scared being in a travel crate in the car. But it was only about 5 minutes to get home so she didn’t have to be confined too long. When we got her home I took her to her litter box, set down the crate, opened the door, and left her alone.

A few minutes later she crawled out of her crate and started exploring the room with her litter box in it. It was only a 4 foot square so it didn’t take her too long to start looking elsewhere. She started sniffing around the kitchen as we watched from the next room over. Once we were sure she would be fine exploring by herself we went into the living room and waited.

She quickly became accustomed to us, partly because we gave her food and water, partly because she loves being pet and we love petting her. We got her a collar with a little bell on it so we can hear her moving around. We also got her some toys and a cat tree which had a scratching post built into it. She mostly likes things which are attached to the ends of string. One of the ones we got her which was her favorite was a bundle of feathers attached to a thin metal rope. Unfortunately the rope frayed easily so I got rid of it so she wouldn’t cut herself on the sharp bits.

Luckily for us, any time the front door was open and she would look outside a car would go by and scare her away from the door. This made her want to stay inside so we knew she wouldn’t try to run away. We tried a couple times to bring her outside but she’ll have nothing to do with it. We got her a harness and leash to bring her out so she could enjoy the fresh air and sunlight without running away. She was skittish when we carried her out and started crying the second we set her down.

Moving House

When we bought the house we’re in now, moving was a difficult process for her. We had to shut her in one of the bedrooms all day while we were moving around the house making a bunch of noise. Then we left for a couple hours and only came back to feed her before leaving her there for the night. We would have brought her the first night but we wanted to make sure the new house was 100% safe for her before we did.

She was again scared when we brought her to the new house because it was the farthest distance we had traveled with her. When we got her there we put the crate by her litter box again and left her to explore. A few minutes later she was cautiously walking around the house. Once she saw us she came running over, glad to know we were there with her still.

One thing I miss from the old house is the bedroom location. Our current bedroom is on the same floor as the living room but it was upstairs at the old house. Every night we would go upstairs and lay down, then a few minutes later she’d come running up the stairs to us. Her bell would jingle and every step she went up she would let out a little “mow” and it was the funniest thing ever to listen to.

A couple months after moving we ended up getting a dog. That was a process in and of itself, but getting them used to each other was even more of one. He just wanted to play with her and she just wanted him to stop existing. It got much better when we got our second dog a year later. The dogs play with each other more so she is able to just lay around and nap. She doesn’t even get upset most of the time when they come over and sniff her because if one of them starts to try messing with her the other with run over and the two of them start playing instead, leaving her to do what she was doing.

We still have her and when we took her to the vet around Christmas time they said she was a perfect example of health. She still loves playing on her cat tree, which we have by the front window so she can look out at the birds in the front yard. Every night she sleeps on the foot of the bed, either on or between our feet. When the weather gets colder she pushes her way under the covers to sleep between us. As I’m writing this she’s been laying on the arm of the couch, letting the fan of the laptop blow on her.


7 thoughts on “Meet My Pet: Storm

  1. Aww! What a sweet story! I love the name “Storm,” especially for a grey kitty. It’s very fitting 🙂 It sounds to me like she is now one very happy kitty in the new place. I pray all of you are well and enjoying your new life together ♥

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