This Month I Want To Try Some Pinterest Projects

Every once in a while, after forgetting it’s even a thing, I’ll get on a Pinterest kick and see all kinds of little projects I’d love to try making. These are some of the things I’d like to do which I don’t think I could write enough about to give them their own individual posts. I’ll put a link at the end to the board where I have these pinned.

Normally I would check to make sure the links are correct before pinning anything on my blogs Pinterest account but for the sake of showing the exact image I won’t be doing so this time. Any of these pins may not lead to a link that is actually associated with the image I was interested in.

Flower Pot Smoker

Smoking meat has been something I’ve wanted to try for a couple years now. The main thing stopping me is reluctance to buy a smoker. This seems like a low cost alternative to get me into it to see if I like doing it.

Drop-Leaf Dining Table

We don’t have a dining room in our house so our table is in the middle of the kitchen. We always say how we want a small table to just put against the wall. If I were to find a good design and make this we could have a small table for just the two of us that would fit against the wall taking up almost no space. But this style also allows it to open enough for us to have people over for holidays.

9-Inch Layered Cross

I had originally posted this because I thought it would be a nice gift for my step-mom. I quickly forgot about it but found it saved when I was going through my boards recently. I may end up making something similar to this for her or maybe some other family members this Christmas.

Portable Wall Outlets

My workshop currently has one outlet. I’d like to run some wire and put more in but I don’t know yet where I would want them. If I made something like this I could just put a couple outlets at the halfway point and each end then use this to get power where I need it. The only thing is if I were to make it, I would use a three prong cord so it will be grounded correctly.

Multi-Tool Flip-Top Table

I’ve got a few table top tools that I keep on a shelf right now and move to a bench whenever I have to use them. If I were to make a flip-top bench I could permanently secure them to one side and just flip it when I need them. If I made it like the one in the pin with three separate spots I could use two spots as a work surface while I use the tool on the third.

Step Stool

I’m not exactly the tallest out of all my friends. I often find myself climbing on my storage shelves to get things I need. I really need a step stool of some sort to get things down safer. Plus, I never knew my real stool.

Yoga Mat Holder

The design in this pin would work well for my wife and me. We each have a yoga mat and share a foam roller so we would need just the three spots. The spot on top seems like a nice little shelf to put a Bluetooth speaker or something on.

Computer Case End Table

I’d like to have a place to put my computer so it isn’t on the floor but isn’t sitting on my desk. If I made a table case for it I could also put it in my living room without my wife getting upset about the eyesore.

You can find the board where I have all of these ideas pinned here.


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