Why I Started This Blog

Hello and Welcome.

This is my first post so I’ll share a little background on why I started this blog and what I would like to accomplish by posting regularly.

I love sharing stories.

Let me clarify a little bit on this. I hate sharing stories. However, when I’ve got someone who I know genuinely wants to listen to something I have to say, I love sharing stories.

I’m usually the one to listen to what other people have to share. I love living their experiences through them and the more I listen, and the less I talk, the more I experience. This has gotten me into the habit of walking into conversations at social gatherings just to stand there for a few minutes and listen. Then I move on to another conversation. I can sometimes spend hours at an event and not say a word. And that’s fine with me.

Recently I came to the realization that with all the things I’ve experienced through other people, I hadn’t given them the opportunity to experience things through me. One of my goals is to share some stories so others might experience things they otherwise might not.

I want to write better.

I was never good at writing during school, partially because I like getting my point across as quickly as possible. I never understood why we needed to start an essay with 5 or more sentences which describe what the essay was going to be about when it was possible to do so with just one. Over the years I’ve read more essays and have gotten an idea of what my teachers were trying to say. I’ve also realized most of the sentences which I use to give detail are just huge run-on sentences.

I also love to put punctuation wherever I feel like putting it. One of my favorite things to use when writing is a comma, because I can use it to make a point with fewer sentences. As I’m typing, if I get to a point where I pause in my thoughts, without ending the sentence, I add a comma. I know the reason is because when I was in elementary school I was told by a family member that’s how they work, but I never really could change the habit to learn them correctly once I found out years later I was doing it wrong.

I don’t need to write for work so I’ve never needed to be coherent when writing. I would send an occasional e-mail but I think the longest one I’ve ever sent was maybe 3 paragraphs. Everything else I write for work doesn’t even require full sentences.

I want to help people.

Anyone who knows me knows how much free time I tend to have. I have my full time job which is only 40 hours a week and I try to spend as much of the time when I’m not at work, and some of the time at work if my coworkers have questions about work non-work related things, helping people. I try to take every opportunity I can to help others learn. I do so through a couple different organizations which I will touch on at some point in the hopefully not so distant future. This blog will hopefully be another way I can help more people, whether it’s educating them, helping them realize they have similar goals and just needed that last bit of reassurance to start chasing their dreams, or through the mistakes I’ve made and will make helping them avoid the same.

I want to learn other things.

I have a very extensive bucket list. There is no possible way for me to check everything off before I die but I want to do as much as I can manage. A large portion of my list is dedicated to things I want to either learn about or learn how to do.

Part of this blog will let me find an outlet to do some research on subjects and share what I find, hoping someone will read my post and clarify things I’ve misinterpreted or could be done better if I ever had the chance to put my plan into action. I’d also like to know some of the experiences others who were able to learn these things have had.

I need to keep my mind more organized.

Sometimes when I find something I’m interested in learning more about I’ll start to look up more about it only to realize I’ve already learned some of it. The biggest example I have is coding. In early 2018 I had a few months where I got really into computer programming. I found some places which the programming community suggested as being worth the time to use. I would go to sign up for websites and take courses only to discover I had already completed the course about 5 years earlier.

I’m hoping that by holding myself accountable to posting at least once a week I can get myself into some better habits with organization, as well as finishing things I start. I have an extensive collection of things which I’ve started doing.

I already have at least a year of blog content planned, but not yet written. Now that I’ve taken the first step and gotten this started I’m committing to at least one year of weekly posting. I hope it’s a great journey for me and anyone who joins me along the way.


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