This Month I Want To Try Something New

I am always intrigued by the many hobbies which I find out about. The past few years I’ve found myself making plans for different hobbies I want to try. It started with me finding something cool and saying, “I want to do that,” then buying some supplies to do it and never getting around to it, whether it’s because I didn’t realize what I’d actually need or because it wasn’t as exciting once I tried it. It seems like every month I’ve found something new which I want to put all my time and resources into.

Since I don’t have the resources to try everything, I decided to write about what I would do if I could try everything I want to do. I was already doing tons of research and making lists and drawings for things so I figured I might as well share it. Then I can help others with their research with getting started with new hobbies. I can also get some feedback from people who actually have those hobbies to pass on to others.

How Will I Do It?

Right now my plan is to start each month with something new which I would like to try and why. I’ll give my best explanation for what it is and how it is done. I’ll try to give what I think are the required supplies to get started and maybe get further into it. And since I get really picky when it comes to safety, I’ll give some safety tips based on my research into the subject.

As I’m starting this I have about 75 things which I’ve recently found out about and want to do. I considered making this a weekly thing but I don’t feel I can really do each subject justice if I give myself less than a week to research it and write about it.

Since these are all things I actually want to do I will be trying some of them at some point. If I ever do try something I’ll be sure to make a new post and add my own feedback of how accurate I was with my research. And I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of my experiments to share with everyone.

Keep Safe And Share

Please know ahead of time that I am not, nor will I ever claim to be an expert on any of the topics discussed. These are things I would like to learn how to do and although I spend days or even weeks researching before writing the posts, that doesn’t mean I got it all correct on my first guess. If you ever decide to try any of these things yourself, please do some additional research before starting to be sure you are doing it correctly.

If you try any of these things, already do them and have some feedback, or have something else you are interested in trying and might want me to write about, feel free to comment below or send me an e-mail at I can’t guarantee I’ll write about everything everyone wants, unless maybe I stay around for a few years, but I will read everything you all send me.


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