Some Things About Me

I try to live a very personal life. I don’t do very much social media, though I do have accounts for them. I mostly only have them in case someone needs to contact me and they can’t reach me by phone or e-mail. As I write this, my profile picture for Facebook is from 5 years ago with my last update from around the same time. My personal Twitter account has 3 tweets which I sent around the time I made my account. That only exists so I can get updates from a couple people on YouTube and so I can get scores during the drum corps seasons.

This blog is me reaching almost as far out of my comfort zone as I can imagine. There are things which will be posted on here which I don’t want people to take as me bragging about how great my life is or the things which I do. I won’t say I’m not glad I was given the opportunities I’ve had, because I am. That’s why I want to be able to share my experiences. I’ve had what I would consider to be a wonderful life up to this point and I want other people to realize there are good things which happen in the world.

But I will also put some more personal things which haven’t gone as well. There are some things I’ve gone through that I would hope some people would only experience through hearing about it. Just like there are things which I am thankful to have never had to go through, but have heard detailed stories from people who have. But I will try to stay on the lighter side of things overall. I’m not interested in constantly bringing people down.

Also, like most people I have opinions. One of those opinions is that even though there is hate in the world based on opinions, there are more people who are open to hearing differing opinions without assuming someone is trying to tell them they are wrong. There are so many things in the universe which we don’t have answers to so it is impossible for everyone to be right about everything. What’s important to me is being willing to listen to ideas and if they conflict with what I believe I try to figure out why I think something different and if it would make more sense if I agreed with this new idea or the one I already had.

I’m sure there will be many times where I’ll post something which someone will disagree with. And I’ll be glad to read their thoughts on the subject and how or why I might be incorrect. But I may not reply to everyone. While I’m fine with you trying to convince me of your beliefs, and I am more than willing to listen to whatever you have to say, I’m not here to convince anyone that I’m right about everything. I’m just here to share my thoughts and hope that at least one person is able to get something positive out of it.

Now Some Actual Things About Me

I know that doesn’t tell you much about me but more about my thought process. So I’ll share are some random things.

I married my high school sweetheart. We have a house with a cat and two dogs. We have been living a mostly Ketogenic lifestyle for a while but I don’t remember exactly when we started because it has been so long.

I have an extensive Bucket List which I’ll never finish. There are a few things on there, including starting this blog, which I will be sharing and I’m sure as I get more comfortable I’ll be willing to share more.

I’ve only ever been to two countries, including the one I live in. Growing up we didn’t travel much due to the cost. Now that I’m older I assumed I couldn’t afford it so I never looked into it. Though I did recently discover it costs much less than I had expected. So there is a good chance I can knock some things off my bucket list in the coming years and share the stories here.

I work in manufacturing for a company which makes custom computer cables and boards. Not for things like desktop computers, but for radios and planes and big machinery.

One of my sisters was murdered when I was 16. I don’t have a post for this on my calendar yet but I’m sure at some point it will need to be done. I said there would be some stories of things which didn’t go well, which I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through.

My favorite video game franchise is The Legend of Zelda. I would love to talk about it here but I already plan on doing so in a separate post.

I don’t watch much TV. This is mostly because I’m usually working, but also because I refuse to pay for cable when my internet barely works. I think the internet problems I have may be caused by the airport near my house. My driveway is a radio dead spot, which I know because when I drive into it my radio cuts out. I would imagine there’s a chance my house is in it as well. I don’t know for sure the cause or how it would affect my wi-fi but I also don’t know how I would find out.

I have my Ham Radio License but have never actually used it yet. The radio dead spot doesn’t really help keep me motivated to try much. But since I don’t know if my house is actually in the dead spot, I don’t know if that’s the reason I never hear anyone.

My senior year of high school, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean every night when I went to bed. I didn’t have cable or internet so I had to get by with the collection of about 10 DVDs I had at the time. I watched the others sometimes but every night it was guaranteed I’d be falling asleep to Pirates. I didn’t need to pay too much attention since I knew every line, and when the movie ended I would sleep with the sounds of the main menu in the background.

I’ve never broken a bone and don’t plan to. Although, I did have a close call soon after typing this. I thought I may have broken a toe but it was just swollen and bruised. I would have been very upset if I had been banned from r/neverbrokeabone for a simple toe injury.

I’ve lived in eleven different homes (I think that number is accurate). This includes both parents and each place I lived after moving out.


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