My Semi-Keto Life

I don’t really remember how long I’ve been living keto. During the time when my wife and I were trying to eat healthier, we tried lots of different things. We’ve actually done keto three times. The first time we stopped was when we did Chalene Johnson’s One3one program. The program had us do different things with fasting and secluding different foods to see what reacts well with our bodies. When we finished the program, we were back to keto because it made us feel the best.

After a few months, my wife said she wanted to try out Weightwatchers. I think there was some sort of sale they were doing and it had some things which were similar to keto. I don’t do keto to lose weight; I do it to be healthy and feel good. But I still agreed I would join her with Weightwatchers. As nice as it was to be having pasta and bread again, all my joints were swelling much more, and I was in constant pain again. We didn’t last long and went back to staying keto.

I won’t go too much into what keto actually is because there are plenty of places to find the information online. I mostly wanted to share how I make it work for myself. But I will share a brief overview to try to help explain some things.


The main point of keto is eating high fat and low carb. Some people may hear this and think they can have any fats and be fine, but there are different types and you only want to good ones.

The four types of fat or saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and trans fat. I won’t go too much into the science of them because, again, there are plenty of places for the information.

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature. You can find them in most meats and want to try to keep the amount of them down to a moderate level.

Monounsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature and can be found in olive oil, peanut butter, and avocados. These are the good ones you want plenty of.

Polyunsaturated fats are also liquid at room temperature. These can be found in oily fish such as sardine and salmon, as well as nuts and seeds. You have to be careful with these, as some are better for you than others.

Trans fats are synthetic fats which are not essential for your body. They are mainly found in fried foods and can be listed on ingredients as hydrogenated oils. Stay away from them. Your body doesn’t need them so there’s no reason to have them.


In general, you want most of your macro-nutrients to be fats, a moderate amount to be proteins, and a small amount to be carbohydrates. Depending on who you ask the percentages for a day should be about 60-75% fat, 15-30% protein, and 5-10% carbs.

Since I do a lot with working out I try to have a high protein keto diet with my macros around 60%, 35%, and 5%. Although, I rarely keep a running total for each day to see where I actually end up. I just focus on eating plenty of good fats while avoiding carbs when possible. I see the macro percentages as more like guidelines than actual rules.

One of the easiest things for me to do is end up carb loading because I don’t have something pre-made, so my wife and I always make sure we have plenty of keto snacks in the house, and we make all of our meals for the week on Sunday. That way we don’t have any excuses to let us get fast food. We’ve already got food made and waiting for us to eat.

Some Of My Favorite Snacks

A great source for fat is nuts, at least certain ones. I like to have a good supply of macadamia and pili nuts when I can get them. They tend to be pricey, so I don’t always have them, but when I do it’s worth every penny.

It’s my opinion that every fridge should have at least one cheese drawer. We keep ours fully stocked so we can grab a slice, stick, wheel, or whatever other forms we want to have at the moment.

These Cheese Whisps can be made easily enough at home but there’s something about the thickness they manage to get with these ones.

I’m going to put Ketofeed under snacks even though it’s a meal replacement, because I usually only have it if I forget to put my lunch or breakfast together, or if I forget I have a meeting after work and need to get something quick in the time between the two. Most meal replacement shakes I’ve tried either have ingredients that I don’t want in my body, or they make the claim of being filling but can’t deliver for me. Not only do I like the ingredients in Ketofeed, –at least, 99% of them– but I don’t feel hungry an hour after drinking it like other shakes. Also, it tastes like I’m cheating when I drink it. Bonus points for that.

Fat bombs are a go-to for many people who live a ketogenic lifestyle. It’s a concentrated dose of fat to help keep you in your macros. The simplest recipe which I use sometimes, sticking with the high protein, is protein powder mixed into coconut oil. Then it gets poured into an ice tray or slicone mold and put into the fridge or freezer, depending on how hard you want it to be. Either way, it shouldn’t be too hard to bite. Coconut oil melts around 24°C / 76°F, so depending on its state you may need to heat it up. There are also plenty of other recipes online for fat bombs.

Another great snack is hard-boiled eggs, which I’m hoping are pretty self-explanatory. At the time I’m writing this, there are 2 dozen hard-boiled eggs in my fridge.

Some Of My Favorite Meals

Some of my favorite things to eat used to be pasta, rice, and potatoes. Most of the recipes I would have which contained these can use cauliflower as a substitute. For some things, like ziti or other larger noodles, it can be cut into large chunks and cooked into it. Rice, obviously, would be diced up into small rice sized pieces. For potatoes, you can either cut it into large pieces or blend it until it’s smooth for mashed cauliflower. Just remember, it won’t taste exactly the same. As someone who does not like cauliflower, this took some getting used to. But now I love most things with cauliflower.

Another staple food for me was pizza. This one took us some time to found out there was a replacement. You can use shredded meat mixed with cheese as a base for your crust. There are even some available pre-made by Real Good Foods, which I would say is the perfect name because it’s exactly how I would describe their pizza. We also just had pizza which we made with fathead dough a couple weeks ago and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Fathead dough is basically just cheeses mixed together with a couple other things. You can use it for most things which need dough, like pizza biscuits, or bagels.

If you end up in a situation where you have to eat fast food you can still keep it somewhat keto. Most fast food restaurants have no problem making a burger without the bun. I recently went to Wendy’s and they actually asked me if I wanted to have my burger wrapped in lettuce when I asked for no bun. Just try to stay away from fries and sauces.

Disclaimer: Although I have done a significant amount of research before preparing this post, I am not an expert on this subject. My intent is to help people who may be interested find some more information. If you decide you would like to try this yourself, please do some additional research and use common sense.


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