Kicked Out Of The Guild

This week I have a short story of me being petty about a video game. I’ll apologize in advance because I usually try to have a larger chunk of text, but I’ve never really had a public forum to share this on and every time I see the name of the game I remember this and it bugs me again.

The game is an MMO called Shakes and Fidget. I guess it’s based on a comic of the same name. I don’t remember how I found it but back when the game was new I was joining every MMO I could find that didn’t require a download to play.

I don’t really remember how the game worked. I just remember I had fun with it and it was one of the few times I actually started treating a multiplayer game as a game to play with others instead of a single player game that had other people in it.

As soon as I was able to I joined a guild. Since the game was new, so was the guild. It was really easy to get gold in the game so I would regularly donate large amounts to the guild to help increase its levels.

After a few weeks of me donating every day, the guild master sent me a message telling me they were very appreciative of the donations I had made. They decided to increase my rank in the guild to an admin level. I thanked them and continued as normal.

Eventually it got to the point where I wasn’t playing as much so I was donating less. And then it wasn’t as necessary for me to donate as regularly because the guild was growing on its own.

One day when I logged on and I had a new message. The original owner of the guild had sold it. The new owner saw no reason for me to be an admin so be put me back at bottom rank.

There were no questions asked about why or how I had gotten to where I was. It was just an, “I’m in charge now so you’re gone,” kind of situation.

I logged out and never played again. I know it was petty but that guild was everything I had in the game. It was what kept me coming back. And it was gone in an instant.

But I do also see this as a life lesson. You shouldn’t get too comfortable with things because you never know when they’ll change with no warning.

It could be something with your job that ends up just like this. You work your way up in the company and then one day someone else is in charge and sees no reason to keep you.


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