Growing Up On Halloween

Halloween was always a big thing in my family growing up. By the time I was born it was already a big thing so I don’t know if it was something my sisters started or if it was before them.

We always went all out with decorating our house, both inside and out. We had boxes of fake spider web to put up and always carved multiple pumpkins. One year we got some craft supplies and made a big haunted house model. It had grave stones in front of it and the funniest thing to me at the time was that we wrote Ned Flanders on one of them. Over the years it got broken more and more and was eventually thrown out.

My oldest sister always loved doing things with prosthetic makeup so we would always have things like fake cuts and screws dug into our skin. One time when I was 3 or 4, I don’t think it was Halloween, she gave me a blood capsule to bite and run to my mom crying. Now her son is getting just as much into Halloween and isn’t afraid of anything.

We’ve had a few Halloween parties as a family. I remember at least one at my aunt’s house and this year was my sister’s sixth annual party at her house. We unfortunately weren’t able to make it this year. We were supposed to have our final marching band rehearsal before championships the morning of the party but it got moved to the afternoon. So we wouldn’t have had enough time to get there from rehearsal and stay for any amount of time before going back home to get ready for championships the next day.

We haven’t decorated very much at our current house. It’s partially because we have been so busy with marching band the past couple years. But we also had a front porch at our last house but don’t have one here. Most of the decorations I have are not things I want sitting out in the rain with nothing to cover them at all.

Maybe I’ll try to find time in the next couple years to make some sort of mini haunted house thing to put in the front yard. If I make it the right size I can use it as a cover for some more decorations.

Things I Have Dressed Up As For Halloween

The first thing I actually remember being on Halloween was Jack Skelington when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I was so excited because Nightmare Before Christmas was one of my sisters’ and my favorite movies. My sister painted my face white with black around my eyes and the Jack Skelington mouth painted on mine. What I don’t remember is being Jack again a few years later. I only know it happened because I found a picture of it.

At some point in elementary school I was a pirate. I remember because the costume came with a clip on hoop earring and at some point in the night it fell out.

In fourth grade I had a skull mask with tubes that led to a fake heart. When I squeezed the heart, blood would run down the mask. I wore it to school for the Halloween parade and the mask leaked slightly so my face was dyed red near my eye. When we were out trick-or-treating, there was someone with the same mask handing out candy.

At some point within the next couple years I was a ninja. That one was pretty fun because I got some toy ninja weapons and I wore my belt from when I had done karate when I was younger.

When I was in middle school my aunt had a Halloween party at her house and I went as the Torn Prince from the movies Thirteen Ghosts. At some point during the party we had to run to the store for something so I went in wearing makeup of half my face torn off.

My senior year of high school I was the Phantom of the Opera. My wife was Christine Daaé. There was one kid at school who called me the wrong thing. I don’t remember what he thought I was, but it was not anywhere close to correct. I even had the stereotypical half mask that most of the productions I’ve seen have used so it should have been obvious.

The next year we went to a Halloween party as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. She did our makeup and hair based on the 2007 movie. People were scared of me because I brought a straight razor and spent the entire night stropping it. I was smart enough to have not sharpened it though.

When we lived in our last place we were Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World one year. It was pretty fun. I was Garth so I had a big blonde wig. I also wore a t-shirt for a drum company.

The year after that we were Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. I feel like out of all the things we’ve done this was the least impressive. It was kind of last minute because we had a really busy marching band season that year.

At some point in this time frame I went to my sister’s party without my wife and I just grabbed some random things to throw on. I had a silver half skull mask with skeleton clothing and a sacrificial dagger. It was the only time my nephew has ever been genuinely scared of something on Halloween, instead of just startled by a jump scare. I gave him a high-five ad he went back to not being afraid of anything.

Two years ago we went to my sister’s Halloween party and collaborated with my 2 sisters who were there. They were the Sanderson Sisters and I was Billy Butcherson from the movie Hocus Pocus. We went as all out as money would allow and ended up getting best group costume.

This year our plan was to be Gomez and Morticia Addams. I don’t know yet if we are going to dress up because we don’t get any trick-or-treaters on our street and my sister’s party has already passed.

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