My Bucket List

In my first ever blog post, I mentioned that I have a very extensive bucket list. I know I will never have the time or resources to accomplish everything on it. But I like to have it written down so I can keep track of things in case I ever do have an opportunity to try something or visit somewhere. For the sake of not just leaving it at that and only posting a link, I decided I would explain some of the things on it. If you want to open it in a new tab and follow along the list is here.

Places I’d Like To Visit

I’d love to be able to say I’ve been everywhere. But I had to narrow it down a little. I think it would be possible for me to get to every province and territory in Canada, as well as every state in the United States before I die. I’ve been all along the East coast of North America, traveling with my family as a kid, so that took care of 2 Canadian Provinces and 18 U.S. States.

I don’t have Mexico on the list yet, only because I haven’t even been to a state that borders Mexico to even see it as a possibility yet. I also only count a place if I actually stop there and do something, not just driving through it to get somewhere else.

Getting a little more detailed, I have a list of specific countries and landmarks I would like to visit. Some of these were on lists I found online of suggested bucket list locations. Others are places I knew about and genuinely wanted to visit before writing out my list.

Things I’d Like To Do Away From Home

Some of these could be considered places I’d like to visit. I decided to put those ones in this list because they are more specific than just going to a place. A couple of these I’ve already done.

I did my first escape room in May of 2018 while visiting New York City with some friends. We all naturally had one of the guys take over as the moderator of what we were focusing on so I believe we were able to finish with about 15 minutes left.

I went zip-lining for the first –and only– time in June of 2014. I didn’t know until I got there what we were doing because it was for my Bachelor Party so I asked them not to tell me. It was scared going into it because it is one of the highest zip-lines in North America. It started with us going up a ski lift then we went down the mountain on a series of lines. I would love to find a time and place to do it again.

Things I’d Like To Do At Home

These are obviously the inspirations that led to my “What I Want To Do This Month” series.  I still have list of more things that I would like to add to these ones.

Food Challenges And Other Foods To Try

The title says it all for these. I went online a while ago and looked up lists of exotic foods that people suggest to try before you die. I also like the idea of trying to eat a giant sandwich or omelette or something like that. I’m sure I’d never be able to finish one in the time limit but attempting it would be fun.

The one challenge I have tried was a 12 inch donut at a local donut shop that has since shut down. My brother and I went with a friend of ours one day to attempt it. My brother got close, but I don’t remember if he beat it or not. I got about halfway and enjoyed the rest of the donut later that day.

People I’d Like To Meet And Shake Hands With

Another self-explanatory title. Everyone always wants to get autographs from their favorite celebrities. I don’t have much interest in that. I’d rather meet them, shake their hand, and thank them for whatever it was they did to get them on this list. The list is also far from complete. These are just the ones I’ve thought of since I started writing them down.

Running And Obstacle Course Race Related Things I’d like To Complete

I hate running. But as soon as you put obstacles or something else that isn’t running into it I get interested. The first Obstacle course race I ever did was a Spartan Sprint with a few friends in September of 2015. It was kind of fun but mostly disappointing. And at the finish line they were handing out milk because a sponsor was a milk company of something, which made the whole thing worse. I’m pretty sure we all threw it away.

Then in June of 2017 I did my first Standard Savage Race, which was also my first fun obstacle course race. There were a few people who said they would go with me but it ended up being just me and one other person. I got cuts and scrapes and lost my glasses so I couldn’t see the second half, but we both finished in about 2 hours. It would have taken longer but the person I was with was much more motivated to run so he kept us up to pace. I went again the next year by myself but got pretty hurt in the beginning so I couldn’t run well or do a couple of the obstacles.

My wife and I did a local Color Run in April of 2018. It was pretty fun but there weren’t very many bathrooms readily available. I started it having to go really bad and found a port-o-john near a baseball field we went by and ran off course to get to it.

Other Exercise Related Things

These are mostly just exercise programs. I like hiking so I’d like to get to a point where I could handle hiking on the United Sates National Trails. I’m not sure if my wife would want to join me so it might be a solo adventure if I ever manage to find the opportunity for one.

Certifications / Coursework I’d Like to Complete

When I first made this list I was really into programming so I found some courses people were suggesting to complete. But I also have included a couple other things I’ve done and languages I want to learn or re-learn.

Let’s Add More Things

Part of the reason I’m posting this list is to help people discover things for their own bucket lists. If you have any suggestions for things I should add, leave a comment. If I don’t think it’s something for me I might add a second list of suggestions for others. I’ll keep my up to date list here.

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