30 Days to a Split

The first 30-day challenge I’ll be doing is the Journey to Splits challenge. I found this a few months ago at https://www.blogilates.com/30-days-30-stretches-to-splits-journeytosplits/ and thought it would be a great thing to try some day. I don’t feel I need to write too much to explain this because the original post sums it up pretty well.

The first five days are stretches 1 through 5. On day six I’ll do 1 through 5 and also 6. On day seven I’ll do 1 through 5 and also 7. I’ll be doing only 6 stretches per day, not all of them in one day.

The post says to stretch for 10 minutes a day but I’m going to try to find more time than that because I have a long way to go. Before a couple of years ago I never stretched for anything unless I was at a rehearsal. Even then it was the bare minimum. PiYo got me a little more flexible but I like to do more intense strength building programs and don’t have time for those and PiYo in the same day.

I’ll try to keep regular updates in Twitter with the hashtags #JourneyToSplits and #30for30at30. If I do well at the end of the 30 days I may post a picture of myself doing a split. But then I’d have to take a picture of myself and share it with people, two things I never do. We’ll see.

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