30 Days of Doing Dishes Daily

It seems like every time I do dishes I walk away for a couple of minutes then come back to a full sink again. We have a double basin sink so one can be used for holding dishes while the other is used for cleaning them. But they’re always either both empty or both full.

I’m sick of seeing it and I’m sick of having to find things and clean them when needed because they are sitting in the sink.

My main rule during this 30-day challenge will be that I’m not allowed to go to bed if there are any dirty dishes in the house. If I were to say in the sink it would be too easy to get away with putting them on the counter or something. Even if I get home at 11:30pm after an 18-hour day the dishes need to be clean.

The only exception will be if something needs to soak overnight because it has something really stuck on it. But anything soaking needs to be cleaned when I wake up the next day.

And I also mean they need to be clean. None of that restaurant style “I rinsed one side of it so it’s good” cleaning allowed here. I don’t consider things to be clean unless I’ve scrubbed them inside and out with soap and water.

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