30 Days of Chop Revival

This should have been posted yesterday. I had it pre-scheduled but it didn’t go though for some reason.

I used to be almost half-way moderately somewhat decent at percussion. When I last hurt my back I thought I’d never play again so I stopped practicing.

Now that I’m back into working with groups again my hands can’t play things they used to be able to play. I’m still good enough to keep up with my high school students but it’s getting difficult to really push some of them because they’re closing the gap.

I want to get back into playing more. Not just because I want to be able to push my students more but because I’m happy when I’m playing.

For this 30-day challenge I’ll be spending at least 15 minutes every day working to get my hands back closer to where they used to be. It would be nice to get better than I used to be but for now I’m just aiming for any improvement at all.

The first 10 minutes of each session will be just some standard warm-ups in the order I’d normally run them with a line if I were doing just 5 of them. Then I’ll spend 5 minutes on something special to either focus more on a specific muscle group or to try playing something I used to be able to play.

Each session will look something like this:

  • 2 minutes – Eights
  • 2 minutes – Accents
  • 2 minutes – Doubles
  • 2 minutes – Rolls
  • 2 minutes – Flams
  • 5 minutes – Something Special

I don’t really have a plan of exactly which exercises I’ll use each day. But I may try to put something together based on what I go with in case anyone else wants to try it. I will only share things I’ve written or that are part of public domain. Any sheet music I have purchased will not be included.


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