30 Days with No Laundry On The Floor

For my next 30-day challenge I will not be putting laundry on my floor for any reason. Usually I’ll just throw my clothes on the floor because the hamper is full of clean clothes I haven’t put away.

So then I end up with a pile of clothes next to my bed. Then I have to walk over it and I lose things in it that then get stepped on and broken. It’s also easier for me to lose things under my bed with the pile there.

As much as Lucky loves lying on my clothes because they smell like me, he also loves being able to use his bed without it being on things. And Onyx doesn’t stand a chance of lying next to me with the pile there.

Back in December I cleaned up the pile I had there and got everything out from under my bed. I’ve been doing a good job at not letting the pile get big but I can do better by not having it.

I’m going to make sure my clothes go straight into my dresser when they come out of the dryer so I can have a spot for dirty clothes. And since I’ll be able to quickly get my dirty clothes instead of getting on the floor and searching, I’ll hopefully find more motivation to do laundry more often than when I run out.


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