30 Days with a Minimal Wardobe

I’ve already mentioned that I want to try to get rid of most of my clothes and have a minimal wardrobe. I’m not quite to the point where I’m ready to get rid of them and take the plunge but I want to try it out to see how it will go. So for this 30-day challenge I’m going to pick 8 shirts and 2 pairs of pants to use as my capsule wardrobe.

There isn’t really much more to this that I haven’t already written about the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I’ll be doing laundry every week to make sure I have my limited clothes.

When I first decided to do this challenge at this point it was when I was still doing all my normal things so it would have been more difficult to keep up with. All of my meetings are canceled until May so I don’t need to worry about dressing nice for those. All school events are canceled until further notice so I don’t need to make sure I have school colors for those.

I was told a couple weeks ago I was getting laid off but then the next day our customers claimed essential business status which put us back into a full workforce so that’s the only thing I need to dress for. I’m not going anywhere else but home when I’m not at work.


One thought on “30 Days with a Minimal Wardobe

  1. 8 shirts?! You have 8 shirts?! WOW! I have 3. My primary. My back-up primary(exact same), and my “dress up” shirt. I do have 2 pair of pants. I won’t talk about the rest of my “wardrobe”,TMI, I suspect!

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