30 Days of Drawing

I’m not as prepared for this 30-day challenge as I would like to be. I was hoping to have a plan of what I would want to draw each day; or at least a theme to follow. But really I don’t know what I would want to draw.

I used to love drawing when I was in elementary school. I’d find characters from my favorite cartoons and trace them to get an idea of how it felt to draw them then try it myself without tracing.

One series I did more than any others was Dragon Ball. When I was in fifth grade I had an army of different Saiyans I had come up with on various papers in my desk at school.

But I wasn’t good at drawing if I didn’t have something to reference. I couldn’t just make up a completely new character that wasn’t based on something I had seen. I’d like to get to the point where I could if I wanted to.

So I’m going to really hold myself accountable with this one and post whatever I draw each day on my Instagram page. I’m sure it will all look terrible but I’m hoping 30 days will at least show a small improvement in my abilities.

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