I Need A Break

When I started this blog a year and a half ago I had no idea how different my life would be after such a short time. And as anyone who pays attention to my site has noticed I’ve had difficulty keeping up.

I had a bit more free time when I started out, which was part of why I thought I’d be able to keep up with regular posts. But now that I’ve gone back to college full time, in addition to everything else I was doing, I need to make some cuts somewhere.

Obviously, college won’t be one of the things I need to stop doing. After ten years of working hard to get promotions and raises I’ll be making minimum wage in just a couple of years. So I need a way to get into a career that can keep me above the minimum line.

Obviously I can’t leave my job either. School is expensive and I’d rather stick with a job and not have much free time than leave it to focus on school and have something bad happen financially. Plus I have bills that need to be paid while I’m in school and it wouldn’t be fair to my wife if I asked her to take it all on.

I’ll still be checking on things regularly and reading things other people are posting on their blogs while I take my break. And I may still have some posts every once in a while, because I still have plenty of stories to share. I just won’t be posting regularly.

As far as my 30 For 30 At 30 challenges, I’m still doing them. I just am not able to do them while making additional posts about them. I’ll try to write about everything when I finish it. So far I’ve changed a couple things around from my original plan to fit some other things in and move things I wasn’t ready for.

Hopefully this won’t turn into a permanent break. I’ve had fun learning new things for my posts and I’d like to continue doing so.


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