Energy Drinks

My life is very cyclical. There are times in the year when I only work a little over 40 hours each week. And there are times when I work from about 5:00am to about 11:00pm depending on the day for 6 days a week with just a few hours on the seventh day.

I’d say I usually go for three months on my long schedule when it happens. It takes a few weeks to get back into the habit of only sleeping for a couple hours so unfortunately I turn to energy drinks to help me out.

People always recommend coffee but I hate the taste of it. I’m sure maybe someday I could convince myself to get into it for the sake of not killing myself with all the chemicals in energy drinks but so far it hasn’t been that easy for me.

The worst part for me is that I don’t just have them when I need them. I’ll get one to help me out at first but then I crave them and need to get one every day whether I actually need it or not.

I used to have a Red Bull every morning on my way to work. There was another person at work who shared my obsession with them and sometimes we’d get an extra in the morning for each other.

That was around the time I started to notice how bad I was getting with buying energy drinks even if I didn’t need the energy. She was more addicted to them than I was. She usually had two of the large cans every day when I was only having one, usually not the large one.

We helped each other cut down on how often we were having them. She ended up leaving to work somewhere else so I don’t know if she ever completely stopped drinking them. I stopped with Red Bull but one of my Brothers got me onto Monster and Rockstar and my wife got me onto Meltdown and Bang.

I had originally wanted to write about ingredient in energy drinks and compare different brands. But as I researched them it seemed easier to just conclude the best one for you is my long-time favorite, water. Any others are not good for you, even if some are not as bad as others.

But I did want to try to figure out how much I waste on energy drinks when I do get into my craving weeks.

Based on how much I make at work for my main job I’d value my time at about $12.00 USD per hour. Depending on the brand, at about $3.00 per drink that means I could buy four cans with an hour of my time, or one every fifteen minutes.

I usually go three or four weeks having one every day so I’ll say I’m buying twenty-eight energy drinks. If I multiply the twenty-eight energy drinks by a quarter of an hour I get seven hours’ worth of my time spent to buy energy drinks.

Taking those seven hours of time and multiplying them without how much my time is roughly valued at, it would cost me about $84 each time I get into my energy drink craving. Since it usually happens at least twice a year I’m wasting at least $168 on energy drinks every year.

I know in the larger context of things that isn’t a large amount but there are so many better things I could be spending that on. Or I could be just saving it.

I always see the lists that people put online of how to save thousands of dollars and it’s usually by cutting out things I don’t do already. I don’t spend $5 every day on a latte to be able to cut that out. I don’t go on vacations. I’ve only been to the movies twice in the past five years. I don’t drive a biggest, fanciest car to be able to downgrade to something with better gas mileage. I actually bought the one I have because it didn’t cost much and gets decent mileage compared to other vehicles I looked into.

But everyone has room for improvement somewhere. Although I have plenty more, this is one place I could really improve, not just for the sake of saving myself the cost of my time, but for the sake of my health. And the first step to changing something is being aware of it.

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