30 Days of Learning to Play Ocarina

I know I had originally planned to do Twitch streaming for this 30-day challenge. I ran into two problems with that plan.

The first is that I only have enough time each day right now to stream for an hour if I get up an hour early to stream before work. That would be a possibility but then it would just be me playing while tired and not actually making progress. And by the time I got started it would be time for me to stop and get ready for work.

The other one is that I still don’t have the confidence to show my face to the internet. I wrote about that in my post about why I almost waited to start my blog. I did have a confidence boost the other day when Shane Dawson posted his “Addressing My Weight Gain…” video. He said something about not letting the opinions of others get to you and it felt like he was trying to say it to me personally.

But it quickly faded and I decided to do something else for this challenge. I recently bought a cheap ocarina online because it was blue and had an Ocarina of Time decal on it. I’ve said before that The Legend of Zelda is my favorite franchise and Ocarina of Time is my favorite game from the franchise.

So keeping up with improving my musicality from my last challenge I’m going to learn how to play my ocarina better.

The strange and difficult thing for me is going to be the limited range of the instrument. I have a ten-hole ocarina which has just over an octave for its range. When I taught myself how to play percussion and how to read music I did so by finding songs I knew and playing them while looking at the sheet music.

Most of the songs I would want to play are either too short for me to effectively use them to learn quickly or they require more of a range. I can still use the short ones to measure my progress but I learn quicker if I have a piece that is more than 10 seconds long.


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